the IoT & blockchain Revolution

Bringing IoT to life requires a close synergy between business needs, security and the network platforms needed to connect and manage billions of devices simultaneously

Powered by Helium network

Connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible at a fraction the cost of cellular without needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure.

Massive Coverage

The largest, public LoRaWAN network in the US and Europe powered by blockchain.

Affordable Pricing

Connectivity costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions.

Miles of Range

Range is optimized for devices running on Helium LongFi. Devices can communicate 200x further than Wi-Fi.

Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity

We’re changing the paradigm for how IoT services are delivered and monetized powered by Helium network.

Helium provides the right mix of low power, high security, and robust coverage in all locations.


Wagtel service helps companies to migrate to this new blockchain network to subscribe new devices into de helium blockchain and pay the credits to transmite the data in the helium network.

The helium network delivers a pervasive and unified connectivity without the need for roaming contracts.


Innovative business models allow participants to benefit from revenue sharing based on the role they play in the larger network ecosystem.

Helium vs Telcos

Connectivity costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions. Unlike cellular, with Helium companies never have to pay for sim cards, worry about data caps, or be charged for overage fees.

Simple Usage based data pricing

Everything needed to manage devices and transfer data is included with the cost of connectivity. Companies only pay based on data usage. Calculate costs based on the number of devices and how often they send data.

*  One Packet is equivalent to 24 bytes.

**  Pre-Tax Price

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The world’s largest contiguous wireless network, with over 517,000 Hotspots in over 40,000 cities and 163 countries